Monday, March 18, 2013

What is Omni? and how does it work?

Ok, since a lot of you have no idea what Omnitrition (Omni for short) is, let me explain! Omnitrition is the brand name of a Health Supplement and weight loss products that are sold only through distributors in a direct selling business. The products are top of the line pharmaceutical grade and in my opinion the best you can get. is my website where you can purchase products, However in Omni we hold a strong code of ethic and if you currently are talking to or going through another distributor please continue to do so! We hold our value up to the value of the products we so deeply believe in. The weight loss cocktail (system) consists of 4 health supplement products along with Omni Drops. I also add an addition 2 products, one for hypoglycemia, and one because cause it increases some of the products and I enjoy it.

Let me explain each product so you know what I'm talking about when I use them and what it does. There are also extra added benefits to a lot of these products. I will list them in my opinion of importance. First is the Omni 4 with glucosamine. It is a liquid multivitamin that absorbs at 98% vs. a pill what absorbs at 10-20%! Omni 4 comes with or with out glucosamine for those who can't take it. It puts your body at balance so you can operate at optimal level and achieve better results. I will take this product forever the difference is amazing. Second is our Omni Drops. Omni drops come with a very important 3 phase diet that has to be followed strictly. They contain HCG but are NOT just HCG they contain other things to help lose weight. They have NO fillers and contain NO alcohol. They come in a 4oz bottle that last the whole time and extra. I say extra for moments when your hungry you can take extra drops to help. They have B12 in them. The average weight loss is .5-1lb for women daily and 1-2lbs for men daily. The drops pull 1200-2200 calories from your fat stores and uses it for energy. So you lose inches and weight! Third is Charge capsules. I prefer Charge with caffeine and its is energy and keeps you going but not jittery. It also helps with headaches and carb withdraw. Fourth is my second favorite product Nite lite. Nite lite burns fat when you sleep (do not eat 3hrs prior to taking for this effect) and you hit REM sleep faster. It helps with small tissue repair and helps skin toning and shrinking and with hair and nail growth. You wake up feeling refreshed and not drowsy. If woke in the middle of the night you can easily fall back asleep (as a mom my favorite part). Last but not least is the Fiber n More. This product is also a probiotic with 4billion of those good bacteria to keep you health and regular! During the second phase of the system you limit your intake so keeping your digestive track moving is important. I am adding Extra Enhancers do to low blood sugars. I have always had them. This keeps my blood sugar even and when its even you are more likely to be successful dieting. It also helps with sweet tooth cravings and gets rid of cellulite! It is an absolute must if you are diabetic. I also will be taking the Thermo Java sugar free. This elevates you body temp to burn more calories. When you take charge and extra enhancers on an empty stomach with thermo java it enhances the properties of both supplements. So that's the system and tomorrow I will talk price and compare some other common weight loss programs. Everyone thinks its expensive. I will show you that it really isn't when you consider things. Thanks for reading today and please keep on. I will get more exciting I know the details are boring but I want you all to understand! :-)


    As of December 6, 2011[update], the United States FDA has prohibited the sale of "homeopathic" and over-the-counter hCG diet products and declared them fraudulent and illegal

  2. Thank you for explaining each product so well. I am also a distributer and find it difficult sometimes to tell people what each product does. I've lost 34 Lb on Omni and can't say enough about it! Not only did it actually work but It's taught me how to eat and keep the weight off. You didn't name any of the enhancers so I am curious as to which ones you recommend. Please let me know.